Essay about Mega Towns

Ultra Cities

Huge cities happen to be large metropolitan areas, with a human population of at least almost 8 million people. The amount of Huge cities will be rising, because for the first time in human history even more people stay in Urban Areas then simply rural areas. By 2015 there will be 33 Mega metropolitan areas and 27 of them are inside the developing community. Some examples of Mega towns are: South america city, Mumbai (India), Bangkok, Cairo and manilla. There are numerous challenges from living in a mega town that is in a developing universe. Some of these problems surround: Enclosure

Traffic Infrastructure

Water and Power Products



Medical care


polluting of the environment

Housing- Casing is a serious problem in mega city's. Property is very hard to find in super cities plus the materials needed to build properties are just to expensive for a few people. A good example of this is in Mumbai (India) where approximately 20 persons may have to live in the same little house. The houses are made up of slim sheets of iron and any other materials that can be bought affordable. Some homes have harmful materials including asbestos and are also very harmful for these persons. In Dharavi a informelle siedlung in Mumbai, Most family members all live in one house and use each space for many things such as eating prove floor, sleeping on their floors etc . Developers sometimes bull doze slums and rebuild over all of them. However they provide you with the people alternative houses by creating many small units for people who have misplaced their homes.

Traffic Infrastructure- is another difficulty that people In mega towns have to face. In Mumbai, there are tiny lane ways and minimal roads, the ones that do exist are really crowded and also have very slow movements. Public transport is limited ad governments do not have the money to boost their program. Some transport that you can use can be walking, buttoning a shirt or motor cycle or a high level00 wealthier person in a huge city you will use a car.

Normal water and Electrical power Supplies- a few pipes attached to slums will be...