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Chapter 1


Background from the Study

Tardiness is one of the key problems that the schools in the Philippines happen to be facing. This kind of dilemma may hinder every single student's every school's success. When the college student is past due it can impact his educational performance in the lecture. There must be a lot of reason why they come to school certainly not in time.

In the global arena we have a study carried out by the U. S. Division of Education on truancy, which is associated with tardiness, demonstrate that institution attendance and tardiness are major elements when it comes to school's success and student actions.   School tardiness relates to additional outcomes mentioned previously by Aviv (2012) in her web page from Ekstrom, Goertz, Pollack, and Mountain (1986), Students who are frequently tardy possess lower grades, scores about standardized assessments, and graduation rates. Chronic tardiness in elementary and middle institution is associated with failure in high school. A national analyze reported larger rates of absenteeism and tardiness for dropouts.  Tardiness has been a significant problem in universities, principals and teachers thought that students' tardiness was a problem. In fact , because Western Shawl Education Minister Donald Scholarhip (2010) frequented Maitland Senior high school in support of their very own principal, Mr. Kenny, great methods to deter late comers, said: " I believe firmly that schools should adopt firm, fair and regular methods in preventing excessive volumes of latecomers. We need to ensure " time in task" to be able to improve each of our education outcomes. Therefore , We encourage the methods being used at this institution. It is both firm in its approach and is also consistent daily. It is also reasonable, as scholars who have 'just cause' as to why they are overdue, are free from detention. " The faculty and Administration in the School, College or university of Mindanao High School (UMHS), believe strongly in the significance of regular attendance by every students. The attendance from the students is usually expected from your first time of...