Essay on Race Relations In The USA 1945

Race Contact in the USA 1945-1968

‘Why do the Freedom Tours and Liberty Marches Take place in the USA inside the early 1960's? ' – 8 represents

The Freedom Rides and the Independence Marches happened in the USA in the early 1960's for many factors. During this time, segregation was unplaned by law and African Americans were greatly oppressed so they were fighting for their detrimental rights because promised to them by the constitution with the USA. The Freedom Rides had been organised by NAACP (Nation Association to get the Improvement of Coloured People) and they had been a way of having publicity and sympathy to get the cause. The Freedom Rides were a group of proponents of the city rights take action, who went in a bus across Southern states. These kinds of journeys had been known as ‘peaceful protests' because they did not retort with physical violence when bombarded by the Ku Klux Klan. For example , in 1961 in Alabama a selection of the Ku Klux Klan set a Freedom Rider bus alight wanting that the cyclists would be burned up alive.

The Freedom Marche were mainly led by simply Martin Luther King and took place inside the early 1960's for identical reasons. Full was the chief executive of the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) and having been the face in the civil right movement. This individual led one specific march in Birmingham in 1963. This individual chose Birmingham because he realized full well that the chief of law enforcement officials ‘Bull' Connor was regarded as hotheaded and would retort with assault. King was correct through this assumption and the violence him and many Photography equipment Americans had been greeted with as they marched into Liverpool, showed the whites to be chaotic and not the blacks. Authorities with truncheons, police dogs and flames hoses achieved the protesters and images from the harsh treatment in the press, made persons aware of the fact that was going in terms of segregation and discrimination was concerned. Resulting from the Luton march, Chief executive Kennedy decided to send a serious Civil Rights Bill to Congress. Tiny acts of defiance simply by ordinary people...