Mgt 330 Functions of Management Composition

Four Functions of Management

Tayshia Forrest

MGT 330

Might 15, 2011

Didier H. D. Opotowsky

University of Phoenix


The objective of this paper is to explain and define the four functions of management, which are preparing, organizing, leading, and controlling. The conventional paper will also explain how these kinds of four features are included in the fast food franchise of Hardees and Carl Junior. restaurants. Discussed are different techniques the restaurant managers practice these features for their employees, and how employees use the functions themselves. The four capabilities are identified as essential parts of any organization. Organizations need to use these types of functions in management in order to guarantee tasks are completed in the right order making use of the proper tools to achieve overall goals and accomplishments. Every single function can be explained singularly. How the capabilities help the corporation keep up with the earth around that with globalization and technology is also explained. The paper concludes with how important the functions are to any corporation and how vital they are in running a good organization.

The four key features of managing are planning, managing, leading, and controlling. All these functions will help run a company, and includes a huge part in the success or problem of the business. Without these features, the vision of managing seems difficult. According to Wanish (2009), each aspect is important and one are not able to function well with no others. This kind of paper is going to define the four capabilities of supervision individually, and explain the way they relate to a restaurant cycle known as Carl jr. is actually and Hardees. It is hard for many people to think of these organizations since the corporate type. This conventional paper will describe how these kinds of businesses, whilst they are represented differently, will be run like the majority of corporate companies. Planning may be the first and base with the four capabilities of managing. It is essential for any manager to be able to...