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Marketing Arrange for Fitflop

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1 ) Executive Summary-------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 3 2 . Company Background----------------------------------------------------------------Pg 4-5 several. Company Mission---------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 6 four. Company Objectives------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 6 five. Market Overview----------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 7 six. Market Size-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 8-9 7. Market Potential-----------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 9 eight. Market Structure-----------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 9-10 9. Trends-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 10 to 15 9. 1 Demographic

on the lookout for. 2 Economical

9. a few Natural

being unfaithful. 4 Ethnic

9. 5 Technical

being unfaithful. 6 Political/Legal

10. Competitors----------------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 15-19 12. 1 SWOT Analysis: Scoll

10. two SWOT Analysis: Skechers

10. Segmentation Table-------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 19-20 doze. Marketing Mixture for fitflop women---------------------------------------------------Pg 20-28 12. 1 Product

12. two Core Merchandise

12. a few Actual Item

doze. 4 Price Placement

12. 5 Place

12. six Promotion

13. Control and Evaluation--------------------------------------------------------------Pg 29-30 14. Budgeting------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 30 15. SWOT Analysis: Fitflop ------------------------------------------------------------Pg 31-35 12-15. 1 Strong points

15. a couple of Weakness

15. 3 Opportunities

15. 4 Threats

18. Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------Pg thirty-five 17. References----------------------------------------------------------------------------Pg 36-37

1 ) Executive Brief summary

In order to support Fitflop increase its product sales, we have think of this promoting report to let more ideas into Fitflop's marketing strategy and to further turn its manufacturer awareness towards the public. Simply by evaluating their performance, we have implemented a lot of means and method to get over the major challenges in order to boost our popularity and call and make an establishment inside the footwear market. We have executed a study based on women age between 30-60 years of age. The main target of the review is to observe and examine about the public's understanding of our manufacturer and to further more understand their particular buying behaviour. The results tabulated from the surveys are used as secondary data to help in our report's and making decisions process since it provides an appropriate source of data. Upon using SWOT analysis, we have examined the company's performance and have think of a new marketing plan for Fitflop by aimed towards only a group of consumers employing market segmentation. The marketing mix approach is then utilized with the 4Ps (price, promo, product, place) to gain the brand's consciousness in various areas. With the embrace advertising and publicity, we believe that we are able create even more brand understanding and in return able to increase the sales earnings of Fitflop. Given their very own exquisite design and good brand collateral, consumers have enjoyed each of our products and tentatively have an increased chance to come back to us numerous positive feedback. Therefore , the consumer could gladly discuss their experience with our product and encourage more of their particular surrounding colleagues and family to purchase each of our product throughout the word of mouth. With this, My spouse and i end the summary with Fitflop's objective, ‘Wear moccasins. Rule the earth. '...