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Part A

Actually, literacy was simply defined so as to describe the skill sets of writing and reading that are designed through numerous mediums such as language and text. Right now, I look at literacy as a means of connection consisting of presentation, reading, writing, and nonverbal delivery methods including mass media. Through this semester I've come towards the understanding that literacy can be applied to many ideas, such as music, culture and graphic works of fiction.

In our final presentations, my personal content group combined music education and multicultural education. The exercise was designed in order that students were exposed to multiple forms of literacy, including aesthetic, audio, and text, and also to use interpretive skills to find a much deeper understanding behind songs. Multiple literacies were combined by different instances so that learners could know how literacies come together to provide more details or immediate a specific watch. In example, " Nothin' on You” could have been a song created in selfishness explaining that the love he previously for his girlfriend could possibly be replaced with each of the girls that would like to date him. Rather, the video with the audio responded that he was singing this song to share his partner that inspite of the attempts of other girls, he just wanted to be with her. The interpretation with this song may possibly have diverse based on if we had only displayed one form of literacy. This workout also introduced a ethnic aspect whenever we asked learners to describe the artist based on the song. Stereotypes and clues from your text lead students to summarize that this specific artist was young, via an metropolitan area, and lived in the U. T. based on the lyrics and online video. They were appropriate, but we made the connection that all three songs had been about like and were created to appeal to a specific market based on the artist's background could be quickly transformed for any different target audience. Music was portrayed with this exercise like a tool to cross social barriers. Traditions...