Descriptive Essay - Favourite Place

My favorite place is sitting on my backside porch on an early summer morning. The tiny

concrete again porch rests in the back of my home near to the woods plus the garden. The spot

is very separated and tranquil. There are no sounds of human life, cars or perhaps anything to

change nature. Following awakening in the mornings, We remove the timeless sleep via my

fatigued eyes and walk to the small increased temperatures porch. I love this time only to gather my personal

thoughts and feelings during the day.

The old flat iron furniture squeaks and wobbles when it is lay upon. The umbrella dunes

with the blowing wind, as if waving to say good morning. The barbeque grill adds odours of a pleasant

mix of previous night's cooking area and aged charcoal. Freshly brewed espresso and the sharp smell

of summer likewise mix in mid-air. Sitting for the morning dew damp ergonomic chairs and playing

the wind as it brushes with softness. Bright white light startles me for the moment ?nternet site start

to awaken for a new day time. The squirrels start to come out slowly like they are playing

hide and seek. The trees are large and close together because they slap in the wind. Sharp air

has a smell of summer plants and lilac. The light tin metallic building stands on the edge

of the woods. The squirrels climb in the building as though children playing in the yard. A

few clashes of sticks and acorns through the tin roofing sound since waves resistant to the ocean. I actually

look further more to the side to see a fresh vegetable garden developing. The beautiful profound

green colour of the garden offers specks of yellow, reddish and lemon breaking through. The

yard has a wide variety of vegetables growing, the tomato plants stand tall as though they

are they the leader in the group. The cucumber and potato plant life crawl over the

ground like they are sneaking up on the other plants. The chickens fly over to the feeder

near the yard for early morning breakfast and sing in melody with each other. The blue

jays get each other because almost in a small fight to see which one...