Comparison: Romeo and Juliet vs . West Side Story Essay

" Romeo and Juliet” In comparison and In contrast to " Westside Story”

" Westside Story” and " Romeo and Juliet” are both inspiring tales about two star-crossed fans whose take pleasure in is not allowed because of hate between all their groups, which leads to unavoidable death. These two stories provide an unquestionably a comprehensive portfolio of similarities and differences in terms of scenes plus the characters that make the views differ or resemble to each other. The 1st and previous scenes of " Romeo and Juliet” and " Westside Story” both resemble much similarities and differences to each other.

The start scenes to " Romeo and Juliet” and " Westside Story” are very a lot like each other. The start scenes were very similar to one another because of every one of the hatred surrounding this time directed from group towards the other. This kind of hatred led to both groups ruthlessly struggling with and defeating each other up. In equally stories once this turmoil broke out between the organizations, the patrolling authority were required to order these to stop. Apart from being related the beginning views were also exceptionally different from the other person. In " Romeo and Juliet” the sides discussed how much that they hatted one another and with a hairline result in, both sides snapped after 1 insult/remark. In " Westside Story” both sides were providing each other grubby looks and making the other person feel unpleasant enough for each side to gradually start off fighting rather than right away.

Just like the first displays, in the last views of " Romeo and Juliet” and " Westside Story” equally differ and resemble one another. They are comparable because both equally sides were beginning to show fewer hate because the death of more and more peers triggered mental feedback to both groups, as it will to any person. Another deeply similarity in the last scenes of both videos is when the patrolling power (police man/prince) brought pity upon the 2 groups and notified these people that their very own hate for each other was responsible for the deaths which will occurred. The ending moments of " Romeo and Juliet”...