Question 1 ) What hazards does the firm face? What is the limit of Exhibit 8 regarding the risk evaluation?

From the content, there are two major risks the company encounter.

Initial, the company's personal finances is of low quality. From 2003 to 2005, the major profit dropped from 314, 522 thousands to 257, 759 hundreds. This qualified prospects the company endure an operating loss in 2004. Pertaining to the initial quarters of 2005, the board announced no gross. This declaration will the fatigue confidence with the investors.

Second, the company's revenue are heavily relying on the Artificial Labor force and this could be the risk. Although the Artificial Workforce improves the revenue from the company, a lot of factors can destroy the sales of the product. The first element is the competition. There are two strong competitors developing identical products and would introduce them within the next doze month. This will vastly reduce Artificial Workforce's orders and minimize the earnings. The second component is the software program industry is extremely cyclical as well as the strength from the US economy were not encourage. This will also affect the revenue of the organization.

The Exhibit eight shows all of us the forecasted sources and uses from the company. However there are still a lot of limits of Exhibit eight.

First, we should notice that the CFO had taken the boldest approach to the actual table. This approach assumes the fact that company will grow for a 15% compound price. This is not appropriate enough to predict the revenue with the company because many factors will affect the revenue as stated above. If the financial is inadequate, the company can experience from a negative growth.

Second, the CFO takes on that the organization will pay gross of 40% of income every year. This may not be accurate enough, too. The corporation hasn't made the decision which industry to reposition, so the gross payout ratio should be according to which industry it is. If the firm account in to the CAD Firm, the payment...