About Persuasive Essay Examples

A persuasive essay is an essay with an objective to persuade a reader that a particular idea or statement is true. Usually, you need to persuade somebody in something that you believe in yourself. Below you will find useful tips about how to compose an essay as well as persuasive essay examples that will help you prepare a professional paper.

Essay is, probably, one of the most common and mysterious genres in the literature. At school, we were told that it was a composition where you need to express your thoughts in a free way. It seemed that you could write anything or the way you liked the most without following any rules. Then we wrote about the things we liked and chaotically stated our thoughts. We were firmly convinced that we knew how to write an essay.

Later, in college, students are also asked to write an essay. After the explanations the professor gave, it became clear that we had to find information and simply rewrite it. But what is essay? It all began with Michel de Montaigne, who at one time wrote a book called Experiences. In the book, you will see a set of philosophical essays, where the author reflects on actual things. For example, there are chapters On Conscience or On Self-Conceit. At the same time, there is no clear structure, and it was impossible to attribute this work to any previously known genre. That was how a new literary term arose in the Renaissance. It was an essay.

Features of the Essay

  • Lack of a traditional plot. You can, of course, give examples from life and literature, but all this will only illustrate your eloquent thoughts.
  • Uncertainty of form. Here you can, as they say, write about anything and it will be fine. Describe everything that comes to mind, then analyze, and sum up what was said.
  • The size of the essay is quite small but it has no clear boundaries.
  • At the center of your thinking is an actual problem or an insoluble problem.
  • Exceptionally subjective opinion. No essay can claim the only correct opinion or point of view, be there a thousand proofs and arguments. Most likely, this is only one of the faces of the indicated issue.
  • Imitation of a live conversation. Lead the readers after you, call them with questions, raise the acute topics in such a way as if you are here and now. Your monologue should be filled with live phrases and be outside of time and space.
  • Emotionality and imagery. The brighter the language, the more interesting it is to read your persuasive essay examples.

These are the features of the essay. Now that you are in the process of writing an essay, you should answer some important questions for yourself:

  • How to write an essay correctly?
  • For whom and for what I write, why do I write?
  • What is more important for me: to convey my thoughts or create an impartial essay?

Based on the answers, you should choose the right form and language available to a particular audience. Everyone knows that essays are written in schools and universities by coercion or voluntarily. Either way, all the essays have several components that are not worth losing sight of.


Do not immediately rush to prove something to someone. It is necessary first to prepare the foundation, create a certain atmosphere, and immerse the readers in that state of thought, which will help them to maximize their ideas.

Main Part and Theses

Remember that the main idea (or thoughts) should be formulated clearly and concisely. They should be clear and simple. Nobody likes to make unsubstantiated statements. Your task is not only to state, but also to prove. Do you affirm that the person’s name determines fate? Prove it, giving examples from life or based on known theories. If the thesis corresponds to the question “What,” then further it is necessary to answer the following question: “Why?”

Concluding Part

You could talk for a long time about something you are passionate about, go to various jungle of your own thoughts, but at the end of the essay you should collect all your thoughtful wealth in a tight bundle. Only in this way you will be able to finish the sentence and show the value of everything that was written. If your text is too short, then you can do without this part. The main thing is that the main idea still sounded in your words.

Once you answered all the necessary questions, you can proceed to the next part.

Persuasive Essay Examples and Theme

Think about the meaning of the topic again. How much do you really know about the thing you want to compose your paper? Can you suggest some new and original ideas on the issue? The essay is supposed to be original. Even if the subject is banal, then you have to provide a non-banal look at things, while not forgetting to use the bright language expressions.

Materials You’re Using

What will you be guided by? Is only one life experience enough to prove your point? Remember that a variety of thoughts and a collage of formulations always captivates. Try to look at different points of view on your topic, join the discussion with some authors or, conversely, pick up the baton. Your paper should give the impression of a long and hard work, it should surprise with erudition and stymie the innovative thinking.

Concentration of Ideas

Do not try to say everything at once. Make a good squeeze of all that you have on your mind. Make the reader enjoy sparkling expressions and unexpected facts. Make sure it is extremely interesting and cognitive for other people to read your paper. This is especially valuable.

Other Useful Tips on Writing Persuasive Essay Examples

  • Three main ideas. As soon as you decide what you want to say, write down on the paper the main directions and thoughts. Choose from them the three most successful theses, which will become the basis of the essay. If there are more ramifications, you risk appearing superficial and incomprehensible. If less, then it’s loopy and conservative. 3 ideas are strong basis for your paper.
  • Build the skeleton. First, briefly outline the course of your thoughts. Write down 1–2 sentences in each paragraph, reread slowly, and then continue to sculpt your thoughts. Add the necessary examples and details, wind up information, and use artistic means.
  • Style. Constantly watch your speech, reread what you’ve written. How logical are you in your composition? Is it easy for you to formulate thoughts? Are they attractive for readers? Sometimes it is necessary to dilute written with ridiculous notes, however don’t be too zealous. Do not go down to the frivolous tone but also don’t be a boring philosopher. Develop your own style of, which will be inherent only to you.
  • Correction. Finally, you wrote everything you wanted to say. Now re-read and check if there is connection between the paragraphs. Were you able to disclose the idea? Are there any extra suggestions? Is everything written in the same style? Are there enough arguments?
  • Header. This is, perhaps, one of the main parts of your essay. It is better to work on the header at the very end of the work after you reread the resulting text. The header should be original and brief.
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  • Honest look at what you have written. Do not write about what you do not believe in. Do not focus on what is not known to you. Write only about what you are really interested in. Readers can see very well if the author really cares about what they are writing. Truth is the only thing that is valued at all times. When a person reads, they want to find answers to some questions. They want to hear about the experience of others. Therefore, share your experience but do not lie. Lie is an unworthy companion of an essayist.
  • Innovation. They say that everything has already been written before us. They say that it is already impossible to invent a bicycle. There is a genre of essays. There is a theme of love. Are you at a dead end? By no means. There is a wise saying that there are as many opinions as there are people in the world. And here one should not imitate the great thinkers and try to retell their wise thoughts. It is better to choose an easier topic but look at it under such an angle that no one has ever shown it before. Be yourself and your paper will be unique.

Now you know how to write a persuasive essay. Finally, the last advice. If you need to write an essay but do not know how to start. Take your favorite aphorism (quote, proverb, beautiful saying) and reflect on it, writing down your thoughts. Avoid stamping judgments and words, look for originality. This way, you will be able to stay original. Over time, writing will become much easier, because the main thing is to start. The genre of the essay, however, like other literary genres, is a good platform for honing the writing skills.

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